Shanxi Shuanghuan Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd

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Company Profile

Shanxi Shuanghuan Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., founded in the year of 2001, located in “Forging Village”, Dingxiang county, China, covering 55,000 square meters, with registered capital of RMB 63 million , total assets of RMB 600 million, broken the sales amount of RMB 400 million in the year of 2012.
Main Products: wind turbine tower connecting flange, slewing ring, many large forgings, flanges(Chinese Standard, American Standard, German Standard, Japanese Standard).
Application: wind power generation, electric power, energy, chemical, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, mining, environment protection industry etc.
We adhere to our development idea” Build First-class Team, Produce Best Products, Establish First-class Enterprise”, treat forging as platform, 6S management as management means, quality and safety management as focus, continue to strengthen the competitiveness, strive to become a competitive forging enterprise, give our best products and service to our customers, strive for equipment manufacturing industry.